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Coupeur de plasma Hypertherm

Hypertherm Powermax 105 is our favorite and the most used plasma cutter.

Good price, running only with air, piercing up to 20 mm are the major advantages.

Precise holes with auto slowdown

While cutting holes decreasing speed up to %50 increase cut quality, makes cutting edges more perpendicular.

The control software detect holes and decrease speed by values given in the settings.

Castellated beam cutting

IPN, IPE, or H profiles cut through the body as a zigzag. Obtained two parts welded after shifting then castellated beam is ready. This type of beams are often used in roofs.

Our machines are ideal for this type of cut.

Z-axis AC servo motor

AC servo motorlu Z ekseni
  • Fast and precise 400 Watt AC Servo motor driven Z axis
  • En ağır plazma ve oksijen torçlarını taşıyabilecek kadar güçlü.
  • Solid bearings not affected by shocks
  • Move up and down with the ball screw shaft
  • All moving parts are closed and protected from dust and smoke
  • Long life inductive sensors on up and down limit switches

Windows-based industrial control system

Windows tabanlı ve Türkçe endüstriyel kontrol sistemi
  • Designed for 7/24 work
  • Hard disk with no moving part inside (DOM)
  • 17" LCD monitor
  • Windows XP operating system
  • Easy to use and learn software

On the same head, both plasma and oxygen torches

Aynı kafada hem plazma hem oksijen

Oxy-fuel is still the best solution for up to 300 mm thick sheet metal cutting.

Change between plasma and oxyfuel torches can make easiliy in a few minutes.

Plasma and oxyfuel torches both are connected to the same station so customer dont pay more money for an additional station.

Magnetic torch breakaway

Torc kırılmalarını önleyen mıktatıslı torç tutucu

Expensive plasma torches can broken if stuck or dive occurs.To prevent this the back of torch holder made of magnetic.

Centering pins keeps the torch always in the right position.

Powerful magnets prevents torch move out except failure prevents.

Magnetic torch breakaway also make easy to change plasma and axyfuel torches.

Creating drawings only by entering the measures with the shape library

Şekil kütüpnahesi

The normal cutting process begins with a drawing prepared by an engineer with a CAD software such as AutoCAD or Solidworks. The kerf width, lead-in lead-outs moves, cutting order is given with a CAM sofware. Then generated CAM file given to machine operator by a usb flash disk.

For widely used forms such as square or flange, the operator can goes this steps juts on the machine computer by using the Shape Library just entrying a few measures.

Two point alignment


On the square placement of heavy metal sheets is a difficult and time taken process.
This difficulty is exceeded by to point alignment.

    How it works
  • Sheet metal is randomly placed on the table.
  • Two point of sheet is defined by using alignment menu.
  • The software rotates the drawing to the slope of sheet.
  • Thus, placed out of square sheet cut on the square.

Keeping consumable life by increasing standoff while piercing

Yukarıda patlatma

Cut standoff piercing shortens the life of plasma consumables.
A bad pierce can destruct electrode and nozzle even at a time.
Control software increase standoff at pierce time.
This keeps consumables life.

Our standart machine SC2165P features

  • 6500 x 2100 mm cutting area
  • Hypertherm Powermax 105 amper plasma cutter ( 20 mm continuous cutting capacity )
  • Compressed air dryer
  • Wireless control
  • Laser alignment
  • 60 - 6,000 mm / min adjustable cutting speed
  • Automatic torch height control with AC Servo motor
  • Double motor on both side for stable driving
  • Windows based SahinCNC control system

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